Automatic machine

The Universelle+ machine is an adaptation of our Universelle model for the direct marketing industry. Whatever the business sector, the research of new prospects and customer relationship are indeed usually generic and impersonal and the success rate of marketing campaigns is often very low. Handwriting is a solution to this problem.

With its paper feeder adapted to envelopes, card stock and documents of any size up to A3, the Universelle+ is a versatile product that meets the requirements of direct mail marketing. Combined with our software suite, it is able to handwrite with a genuine pen the entire contents of your customer files in a completely customisable way. A handwriting font is indeed applied to the data set, producing a personalised document which, unlike generic mail, will be opened and read by the recipient. From the same customer database, it is for instance possible to produce addresses for envelopes, nominative salutations for letters, etc.

The Universelle+ shares the rest of its features with the Universelle and it is of course able to write signatures. It is also possible to combine variable handwritten elements ("Dear Mrs./Mr. X" for example) with a fixed signature.

Please note that our software suite consists of two applications that run exclusively on computers running Microsoft® Windows© and also requires the installation of Microsoft® Excel©.

Automatic machine Universelle+