Automatic machine

The signing machine Universelle is our most suitable model for mass production of signatures and handwritten notes. It consists of a writing head and a paper feeder which is capable of handling automatically a stack of documents (up to 800 sheets). Paper placement is configurable and identical from one sheet to another and it is possible to set up several paper stops in order to write header and footer for example.

The Universelle features two LCD displays which allow tighter security in order to limit and control use of the machine. Fifty different user accounts can be created, each of them being protected by a unique password and the number of signatures they are allowed to write can be limited by the supervisor. Also, each account corresponds to a type of paper and job; upon log-in, the machine will automatically reload the settings that were previously saved.

In terms of use, the operator inserts the SD card storing the signature file(s), types the access code, places a pen into the pantograph, puts a paper stack on the elevator and starts the automatic mode by pressing a key.

The Universelle is able to write multiple versions of a signature (provided they were created beforehand) and to manage several signature files stored on the same SD card. Its size (57x36x49 cm) allows the unit to easily fit on a desk or an optional cart.

Automatic machine Universelle