Handwriting services

In addition to the manufacturing and marketing of signing machines, we use our handwriting system for custom works to help you write with a genuine pen:

  • addresses on envelopes
  • whole or part of letters (header, salutation, signature)
  • invitation cards
  • greeting cards
  • degrees, certificates
  • announcement cards

We carry out these custom jobs in our facilities located in the Paris area using our fleet of Universelle+ machines.

Types of handwriting

For fixed elements (i.e. identical from one sheet to another), such as signatures and greetings for instance, we reproduce your handwriting identically.

For variable elements, such as addresses and letter headers for example, you can select one of our various handwriting fonts. If none of them suits you, we can create your own personal font. We then apply the chosen handwriting style onto your recipient data set using our software suite.
You will find a display of the available fonts below:

Textes écrits
Click the picture to enlarge it and then the icon in the top right corner to view it in full size. Click the bottom right icon to close the picture. You can save it by right-clicking and selecting "Save picture as".


Here are samples produced with our system:

Enveloppe Carton

You will find the procedure for the making of your fixed texts and how your data should be formatted before applying a handwriting font on the next page.