Handwriting services


  • To write fixed elements, you must send us a copy of the document containing the model to replicate. From this original, we deduce the location of the writing to be used on the blank documents that you will provide. Please note that if the written element is a signature, you must fill out a signature form as well.

  • To write variable elements (addresses, names, etc.), we need your contact database in the Microsoft® Excel© file format. Each column must match a specific type of data (postcode, city, etc.) and each cell must contain one line of data only (there must not be any line break within a single cell). Similarly, the file cannot contain any empty line in the middle of the data.

    Also, keeping in mind that our system will replicate your data identically, it is advised to observe the following formatting rules to get the best possible visual result:
    • depending on the nature of the data, the cell contents must start with an uppercase letter, the rest being composed of lowercase letters (first name and address in particular). Some of our fonts (especially Elegance, Prestige and Bill) are indeed less readable if words are in capital letters only.
    • even if they may not be essential to comprehension in some languages, the lack of accent marks affects readability too.
    • please make sure there is no unnecessary space at the end of the cells (eg "Smith_") because it will be kept by our system otherwise.

Once the file is properly formatted, you just need to tell us the handwriting font you chose, the type of pen to use (ballpoint, fountain or felt-tipped pen), its colour (black, blue, white, gold, etc.) and the position of the text against the edge of the document.