Manual machine

The signing machine Pacific-200 is a manual office machine equipped with an LCD display and a keyboard which allow tighter security and access control. The supervisor can create up to fifty different user accounts and, for each of them, limit the number of signatures that can be written, modify the access code and check the counter.

In terms of use, operating the Pacific-200 is easy: after inserting the SD card into one of the two slots, the user types their password, places the pen with the supplied puck and presses a key on the control panel or the foot pedal to start writing. Moreover, the Pacific-200 features a semi-automatic mode which triggers the writing at regular intervals (duration in seconds set in the menu), which allows to focus only on handling the paper.

The Pacific-200 does not require owning several SD cards because it can manage tens of signature files stored on the same card and browse them using the keyboard.

Its small size (31x23x16 cm) and light weight (7 kg) facilitate its storage.

This machine is only available for rent which includes one signature, shipping and factory-based service. For other services or conditions, please feel free to contact us..

Manual machine Pacific-200