Manual machine

The signing machine Atlantic+ is an evolution of our Atlantic model. Equipped with an LCD display and keyboard, the Atlantic+ has advanced security features which allow to limit and control the use of the machine. Fifty user accounts can be created, each one protected by a unique alphanumeric password. In addition, the number of signatures for each account can be limited by the supervisor.

In terms of use, the Atlantic+ is simple: the operator inserts the SD card storing the signature file(s) into the machine, types the password, puts a pen into the pen holder, places the document underneath and starts the writing by pressing a key on the control panel or the supplied foot pedal. The Atlantic+ features a semi-automatic mode as well: the machine starts writing at regular intervals, limiting handling to the placement of paper.

The Atlantic+ is able to write multiple versions of a signature (provided they were created beforehand) and to manage several hundreds of signature files stored on the same SD card. Its small size (31x23x16 cm) and light weight (7 kg) facilitate its storage.

This machine is only available for sale and factory-based service is provided. It is possible to extend the warranty period with a yearly maintenance contract.

Manual machine Atlantic+